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Vacant Positions

Senior Researcher in Practical Philosophy Gothenburgh University

Job description:

The University of Gothenburg and the Lund-Gothenburg Responsibility Project ( ) is hiring a (permanent) researcher.  More info about the practical philosophy research group in Gothenburg is here: 

The holder of the position will be given the opportunity to develop her/his independence as a researcher. The researcher fellow will contribute to the research environment, especially with respect to foundational and analytic issues concerning moral responsibility and free will (broadly conceived). He or she will also actively participate in LGRP’s research seminar and other relevant research activities at the Philosophy Department. The researcher is expected to apply for external funding together with colleagues in the research group. Additional duties may include the project’s promotion through academic and outreach events, as well as teaching, supervising graduate students, course design, and other teaching-related activities. Such tasks will not exceed 20% of the position’s responsibilities. The holder of the position is expected to carry out her/his research in Gothenburg and to be present regularly and consistently at the research groups various activities and programs (workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.).

The researcher should be able and willing to coordinate and assist the work of LGRP’s junior researchers and work closely with the LGRP’s director and associate director in planning and implementing project activities.

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