LGRP - Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Conferences and workshops

The Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project arranges workshops and conferences on a regular basis. Every year we host workshops, often focused around the work of our distinguished visitors. We have already hosted one major conference (2016) and plan to host others in the future.

Forthcoming events


Past events

2018 (October 12-13) Workshop on Free Will and Moral Luck   

Report from the workshop:

2018 (June 5-6) Workshop "Libertarian Agency and Metaphysics: Themes from Clarke"

2018 (March 5-6) Workshop with Elinor Mason (Edinburgh University)

2017 (6-7 October) Workshop on Scepticism, Dualism, and Illusionism: Themes On Smilansky

2017 (27-28 June) Summer Workshop 2017

2017 (May 29-30) Workshop on Responsibility, Conversation and Communication

2016 (May 5-6)   Spring Workshop

2016 (August 24-27) Gothenburg Responsibility Conference 2016

2015 (November 14) Workshop on Neuroscience and Responsibility

2015 (September 18-19) Workshop on Agency and Responsibility