GRP appoints two new postdocs

We are delighted to announce that two new postdocs have joined our already thriving group:

Kristin Mickelson graduated in 2012 after completing a dissertation under Robert Hanna's supervision on "Free Will Fundamentals: Agency, Determinism, and (In)compatibility". She has published widely on the manipulation argument and other current debates in the field of free will and moral responsibility. Please find her publications here:

Robert Hartman's research interests include moral responsibility, ethics, metaphysics, moral psychology, and philosophy of religion. He received his Ph.D. from St. Louis University in May 2016. His book, "In Defense of Moral Luck: Why Luck Often Affects Praiseworthiness and Blameworthiness", has been recently accepted by Routledge for publication.

Kristin will be starting in November, 2016 and Bob begins in January, 2017.

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