Seminar with Sebastián Figueroa Rubio, 4 June

Published 24 May 2018

Title: Holding Responsible in 5 Steps. On the Structure and Norms of Responsibility Processes.

Welcome to a seminar with Sebastián Figueroa Rubio from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile, June 4 13.15-15 in LUX B538. ABSTRACT. Based on a Strawsonian account, this talk proposes a way of understanding the structure of responsibility processes. Departing from the relationship between expectations and reactive attitudes, some things about the actions, judgements and norms involved in holding someone responsible are analysed. More specifically, the structure is characterized in five steps: (i) A dissonance between an event and an expectation occurs (or it is believed that it has occurred); (ii) There is a search for an explanation of that dissonance; (iii) The explanation results in an ascription (of the event to a person); (iv) The ascription justifies the adoption of reactive attitudes; (v) A reaction is performed (or omitted).

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