Summer Workshop 2017

Location: Room T340, Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, Olof Wijksgatan 6, Gothenburg, Sweden

Tuesday June 27

10-11 Robert J. Hartman (University of Gothenburg) "Accepting Moral Luck"

11-12 Kristin Mickelson (University of Gothenburg) "A Better Basic Argument"

12-14 Lunch

14-15 Sofia Jeppsson (University of Gothenburg) "Presupposing What Ought to Be Proved: Why A Certain Kind of Compatibilism is Immune to Standard Incompatibilist Arguments"

15-16 Gunnar Björnsson (Stockholm University) "Blameworthiness and Wrongness"

Wednesday June 28

10-11 Benjamin Matheson (University of Gothenburg) "Blame and Difficulty"

11-12 Per-Erik Milam (University of Gothenburg) "Forgiveness as Change"

12-14 Lunch

14-15:30 Dana Nelkin (University of California San Diego) "Guilt, Grief, and the Good"