Conferences and workshops

The Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project arranges workshops and conferences on a regular basis. Every year we host workshops, often focused around the work of our distinguished visitors. We have just had a very successful conference in June 2019.

Past events

October 25-26th 2019: Professor Christian List is visiting. Read more here:

Aug-Nov 2019: Visiting faculty: David Shoemaker


2018 (October 12-13) Workshop on Free Will and Moral Luck   

Report from the workshop:

2018 (June 5-6) Workshop "Libertarian Agency and Metaphysics: Themes from Clarke"

2018 (March 5-6) Workshop with Elinor Mason (Edinburgh University)

2017 (6-7 October) Workshop on Scepticism, Dualism, and Illusionism: Themes On Smilansky

2017 (27-28 June) Summer Workshop 2017

2017 (May 29-30) Workshop on Responsibility, Conversation and Communication

2016 (May 5-6)   Spring Workshop

2016 (August 24-27) Gothenburg Responsibility Conference 2016

2015 (November 14) Workshop on Neuroscience and Responsibility

2015 (September 18-19) Workshop on Agency and Responsibility